Beginning Web Design and Development

This course is ideal for beginning users who want to learn key web development design concepts and techniques, through the use of one of the most powerful creative suite in the market. Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS4 is a standard wide use programs that employee ask for when employing graphic or web designers alike. While students who already have some experience with these tools can use this course to master more advanced features and newest tools. Using clear, step-by-step, examples, each lesson walks students through the creation of a specific project, with each lesson building on the student's growing knowledge of the programs.
The course is divided into 3 levels namely:

Level 1: Integration of Photoshop into Dreamweaver
Photoshop CS4, long the industry standard for digital imaging software, offers plenty of new features and enhancements for creative professionals and digital photographers alike.

Level 2: Working inside Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software offers web designers, web developers and graphic designers the freedom and versatility to manipulate pixel-level designs (Design view), craft complex code (Code view) or work in a real browser environment (Live View). With key features including comprehensive CSS support, integrated coding and support for all leading web development technologies, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 puts you firmly in the driving seat to deliver a host of online content possibilities.

Level 3: Client Side Scripting and Animation
Understand the client scripting language (JavaScript) and implement them inside your website for better interactivity with the end user
Flash CS4, you can create and deliver rich interactive content Adobe© Flash© CS4 Professional software is the industry-leading authoring environment for creating engaging interactive experiences. Deliver to audiences across platforms and devices. Animating in Flash just got easier Quickly create animations, easily modify motion paths, and enjoy complete control over individual animation attributes with object-based animation

At the end of the course, the student will be assessed with a Web project, if successful the student will receive a certificate stating the final grade.

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