Entry Requirements - HND Creative Media Production


This 8 week course is ideal for beginning users who want to learn key Photoshop concepts and techniques, while students who already have some experience with Photoshop can use this course to learn Photoshop CS4's more advanced features and newest tools. Using clear, step-by-step, examples, each lesson walks students through the creation of a specific project, with each lesson building on the student's growing knowledge of the program.
Photoshop CS4, long the industry standard for digital imaging software, offers plenty of new features and enhancements for creative professionals and digital photographers alike.
Users can enjoy unrivaled editing with non-destructive Smart Filters, improved curves, and adjustable cloning and healing with Preview Overlay. Increase productivity with Photoshop CS4's streamlined interface and new Photoshop Lightroom integration. Anyone who wants to create a composite will benefit from the revamped Photomerge® tool, which lets you apply automatic layer alignment and blending to your images, while the new Quick Selection tool lets you select pixels not just by color, but by texture and shape as well. And digital photographers will be pleased to know that they can now process multiple Camera Raw images in a fraction of the time it used to take.

At the end of the course, the student will be assessed with a design project, if successful the student will receive a certificate stating the final grade.


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Games Development

Course Overview

This course shows you how to use the Unity game engine, a multiplatform engine and editor in one, to build games that can be played on just about any platform available, from the web to the Wii and even on smartphones. Unity's simple interface, friendly development environment, and wide-ranging support of all popular gaming platforms make it perfect for new developers or those looking to create games with an easy, efficient, and inexpensive game engine. Throughout the course you'll learn all the important interface commands, how to set up and organize your project, and all the basics of getting a 3D game up and running, from character importation to scripting to audio. Basic game and level design theory are taught in tandem with specific skills so you can build your game development skill set. The book is divided into five parts, with each chapter within a part covering a single concept, and new concepts are taught using step-by-step tutorials and questions, as well as through a comprehensive game project built throughout the course. This course covers everything from building game assets, to adding interactivity, to polishing your finished game and publishing it, and provides you with all the information you need to create your own games using Unity.


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