University Degrees---Top-Up BSc (Hons) Degree


Entry requirements:

HND, IMIS, NCC or an equivalent Diploma.

Conduction of course                                                                         

You will participate in the learning experience through the University's StudyNet and additional tutorials in Malta .

You will receive learning materials, take part in discussions and submit your assignments electronically


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   Degree Details 


The programme consists of three modules and a project. The modules to choose from currently are;

o Computer Network protocols and architectures

o Principles and Applications of Web Services

o Further Object Oriented Design

o Databases

o Business Intelligence

The modules are entirely assessed by coursework, which will involve written work, online assessment and application of skills in design and system implementation. There are no examinations

Finally, you complete a project. This is an individual piece of work carried out as independent study under the guidance of a project tutor.


The degree programme commences in September and in January


  • One scholastic year only which can be extended up to three years
  • Study in Malta at your own pace and at any time that suits you and obtain a UK degree
  • Assignments-based assessment
  • Participation in online discussion groups with University professors and fellow students
  • Workgroups and tutorials held in Malta
  • Web-based tutorials and simulations
  • Online journals
  • Access to University's facilities including Microsoft licenses
  • Fully recognized internationally including the Government of Malta

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